Nanna Manna

Memphis memories…
When I lived in Mississippi, out-side of Memphis, Big-Daddy Lynn would always sit in his recliner. He’d have a red spit-cup in one hand and his beer in the other and when I came into the room he would tap the beer on the side of the chair and with sing to me: ‘Hey little girl with the red dress on – come loving your big-daddy all night long…’ Loved that deep southern voice...

For twelve years that line has been stuck in my head – a fond memory. Last night I was humming it and when Jonas heard me he picked up my guitar and sang me the whole song…

Johnny Bye Bye
She drew out all her money from the Southern Trust
And put her little boy on a Greyhound bus
Leaving Memphis with a guitar in his hand
With a one-way ticket to the promised land.
Now, hey little girl with the red dress on
There's a party tonight down in Memphis town
I'll be going down now if you need a ride
Come on, come on let's go tonight
How many have fallen with a dream denied
Now, tell me baby are you lonesome tonight?
'Cause a man on the radio says Elvis Presley died
Come on,come on,let's go tonight.
He drove down into Memphis,the sky was hard and black
Up over the ridge came a white Cadillac
They're standing by the roadside. In the heat
Bound together, forever, in the promise of an endless sleep
They found him slumped up against the drain
With a whole lot of nothing running through his veins
Bye bye Johnny, Johnny bye bye
You didn't have to die, you didn't have to die.
-Bruce springsteen


Saw this on Chris' blog today. Liked it very much...

Dia de los Muertos

went to the South on the Day of the Dead. The sun was a black rose in a turquoise sky, my eyes hollow sockets, my bones rattling as I walked. All this felt familiar. The village children screamed in fright and ran away. They are so beautiful, I thought, but I understood their fear. The women though, some of them, would come out to greet me, weave flowers through my ribcage, around my hips, which they would kiss with great longing, remembering love. And the men, some of them, would take off their hats, cast their eyes down. My heart went out to them. Why only now do we see, I wondered, blessing as best I could our blindness. I was looking for you there, a sudden memory from another time. The day faded into night but I could see everything for miles. Coyotes and scorpions came to me out of the desert and sat around me in a circle. I sat down too. There was nowhere to go. I wept. Waiting for you as I have always waited, knowing you will never come.

What a busy week - thank God it's Friday...

Went to a marketing meeting in Stockholm and staid - once again - at the Nordic Sea Hotel right by the World trade center. They have built this totally hilarious concept bar all made of ice since I was there last time. People had to wear metallic spacesuits and gloves and actually drank from glasses made of ice.

Sony's Nordic management team and Market managers also came to Stockholm so we all had dinner together. It's funny - when I started working for Sony I felt like this totally misplaced kid. Always wondered what all the men in the suits thought when I did my little presentations. But over the years I have really begun to like these people. There is a really good spirit in Sony. People might wear suits but they are generally good humored and relaxed and all in all very, very nice. I feel totally comfortable in their company. So nice trip to Stockholm!

Since I got home I've been running around like a busy little bee. Yesterday evening I went to guitar class. Yes, I started playing guitar - HA! Thought that I was getting complacent and lacy - felt I needed to challenge my self with new interesting hobby. I love it. Felt good when I finally had 'I caught a bug' down...

Tonight I'm going on a smooching dinner-thing with one of our agencies. These guys knows how to arrange a killer night so should be fun and this weekend I will spend time exploring nature or maybe hang out at Christiania??? - so hasata luego work. Will leave laptop here till Monday...
Bein' good isn't always easy
No matter how hard I try
When he started sweet-talkin' to me
He'd come'n tell me "Everything is all right "
He'd kiss and tell me "Everyting is all right "
Can I get away again tonight ?
-Aretha Franklin

No matter how hard I try... zen-thing earlier mentioned on this blog seems not to be my thing at all. Really, really would love to develop more cool, calm and collected inner core and live a sensible and controlled life - but it doesn't work at all for me.

Today I'm moving - AGAIN! - I'm getting my old apartment back so at least i won't have to move again too soon This time around moving will be a complex logistic project. I have to get furniture out of a warehouse - pack down everything where I live now, pack down what ever is left at ex's apartment and get necessities that I have left in some forgotten attic in Ikea. And then I have to go around and collect everything. Already looking forward to a well deserved beer later tonight!

So please, please, please God - don't send any irresistible, incomprehensible sweet-talkers my way too soon. Need a little quite-time - hæ hæ...
It's official - I'm completely unoriginal! - but this is fun...

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Blushing! - First I get a kiss all the way from Denver - and now a wedding proposal...

Too bad - I'm so messed up - don't think I'm good marriage material these days ;-) - HA!
Just spent a few very interesting days in Berlin. Sony is - once again - making big strategic and organizational changes and I was invited to join a workshop on CRM, e-solutions, re-organization etc.

The former MD of British Airways - who on rare occasions does consultant work - and Sony's new CRM director Mathew Lang led the meeting.

The point of the meeting was to establish a new organization within the organization and formulate a strategy for CRM related activities. I'll bet that Mathew already knew exactly what would come out of this meeting - but by involving the people he did and by making us formulate his agenda for him he has gained support from all the present country representatives. Very clever! Never saw anyone make such a smooth move in Sony-world before...

It also became clear that Mathew has very strong support from top management. Tsurumi San - AKA Mike - our new European president joined the meeting. It was quite thrilling to see him in action. He told us about his plans for the future and about what he has done since he became president three months ago. He seemed like a great guy - dynamic and human. As my Swedish colleague Anders said - he seemed like someone you could easily go up to and have a chat with. Was there also a little speck of humor in those black Japanese eyes?

One thing I love about meetings in Berlin is the meeting facilities of the impressive Sony Center on Postammer Platz' and the great food and hotel accommodations. This time I staid in a beautiful room at the Madison. I'd forgotten to bring a book but managed to get through the night watching the Osbornes with german sub-titles instead.

Picked up a book in the airport going home though. It's called 'Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas' and is written by James Patterson. Even though the author is male I don't think that many guys will enjoy this book - It's about love and broken hearts and girly dreams of family and meeting Mr. Right and it's bitter-sweet and sad. Guess it fits well with my mood (bitter-sweet and sad???) these days though - almost made me cry on the bus this morning.

Hope I'll feel more on top of things when I get my own apartment back on Friday - am so tired of living like a guest...

By the way - the PR-gig I mentioned last week went well enough. There were no less than four representatives from the erotic Danish magazine for women called 'Tidens Kvinder'. Gave whole new meaning to the concept of form and function - HA!
Women are not interested in technology?!? At least none of the Danish women magazines seem to write about any of the wonderful new products Sony and competitors keep shipping them PR material about. Therefor I've been asked to do a pr-gig on technology and women together with Apple, HP and some other tech companies.

Am scared shit-less - have no idea why I said yes to do this. Am not a sales or PR person. Attended a Digital Imaging PR-thing the other day and I would never be able to pull off anything that slightly resembled the sales speech of our product manager.

Found super cool movie that I will show them though, and I guess I'll do the storytelling/connectivity routine as well since all studies I've come across in my intensive 30-minute net research suggest that women primarily use technology to build and strengthen relationships. Seems that no less than 40% of all women has sent an apology via mail.

As part of my research I have also asked all women wearing portable audio devices in my gym tons of questions the last couple of days: "Are you wearing a Walkman or a minidisk; when did you buy it; OK - but would you ever consider buying a minidisk - No? - hmmm... Does your boyfriend have a minidisk??? Ohhh... you don't know what an MP3 player is...".

Wonder if this lacking passion for cool gadgets is only something that characterizes old women (+25)?...
Matt Jones! - This guy is not only contemplating a career as a robot designer, he also 'invented' warchalking.

Even though the warchalking concept may bring hacking and other sordid business to mind I think it's super cool and so, so funny!

Warchalking simply means drawing a chalk symbol on a wall or pavement to indicate the presence of a wireless networking node. If you see one of these symbols, you should be able to log on to the Net with a wireless networking card.

I think that these symbols go so well with the Organic spirit and should somehow be used to mark the presence of Organic Hot Spots.
Seems I just received a kiss from Denver. HA! - Rage Boy is back! - Love that guy...

Brrr... what a cold morning. Just arrived at the office and am trying to get life back in my freezing hands. Hot coffee helps!

Must admit that it's kind of cozy though. Enjoyed snuggling in my big furry winter coat on this mornings train ride to Fucking-Taastrup. Had planned to start re-reading David Zindell's 'A Requiem for Homo Sapiens" but brought the wrong book. So instead I took a look at 'Performance driven CRM' (Brown and Gulycz; 2002). A book my father brought me hoping that I will soon do something about writing that thesis. He had warned me that it might be another one of those ten-thousand ways to blah blah... and indeed it was. But am actually working quite a lot on various CRM projects in the company and am thinking a lot about those things. Am thinking about Jerry Michalski and his sense of esthetics also.

Jerry fundamentally believes that: "People are born good!"

He explains: "I am no philosopher, theologian or psychologist. I offer no new proofs or deep evidence of this belief's truth. I know only that when you life from this belief, better things happen. Empathy replaces suspicion. When you work with this belief, new business ideas come to mind that nobody has tried."

I guess I'm a fellow believer and I really try to hold on to that when I work on new ideas.

Later today I'm meeting with Mygdal and Zander to discuss the Organic launch-party. Organic (a wireless broadband network with an attitude!) is the new Mygdal-Nyholm-Højberg project and I'm so happy to play with those guys again. So far I guess I'm the official party planner... HA! - so nothing has changed...
Keep receiving hints from people about my lazy attitude when it comes to updating these pages...

So here we go! - I'm almost thirty now but as Mads (my x or what ever) says I'm still 29-teen. I currently live with my friend Dorrit and her 4-year-old son Daniel who thinks I've moved in to watch Cartoon Network with him. I have a beautiful room facing the lakes. The view is awesome. Next month I get my old apartment back though which means I will have moved three times within three months. So much for growing up and settling down. The partying is great though.

When I'm in the relaxo-zone I still read tons of books picked up in various airport bookshops (mainly from the best-seller section I'm ashamed to admit). Within in the last month or so I've read:

White Teeth - Never finished it! Great beginning but it got too femmi-boring...

Me Me Me - which was good but not super fantastic. Stephen Fry recommends it though.

Dead Famous - A great book. I've always been a sucker for murder mysteries and the description of the fame-hungry reality-show-participants was hilarious. And I loooove all the Macbeth hint and clues - beware of lady Macbeth!

Portrait in Sepia - Like reading a beautiful poem. Allende as always makes me dream beautiful dreams - but to be quite honest this story is kind of uninteresting and pointless...

Next week I'm going book-hunting in my friend Lars Bastholms collection. He has lots of fantastic stuff so I'm looking tremendously forward to that. Lars is also a great movie lover so the best kind of friend to go to the cinema with. Last Sunday we saw XXX. Great action and very teenage-mutant-ninja-turtle'ish. Goes well with coke, popcorn and hangovers.

This weekend there will be no time for movies or books though. It' Merles christening on Sunday and her parents have decided to have a big party on Saturday as well. Being the godmother my role is to peel potatoes and go for long walks with Merle when we are not partying. It will be great.
A few weeks back my life was blessed with a new special person. Merle emerged as a small wonderful mystery out of pain, suffering and fear. I was present when my beloved friend Lotte gave birth to her beautiful baby girl.

I was so excited that Lotte had asked me to be there with her and Niels and had researched by talking to everyone I know who has actually given birth. Maj-lil had told me to bring mints, lip balm, aromatic oils for little massages in between labor pains etc. So when Niels called me I felt confident and well prepared. But all too soon I was quite clear that this would not be the love, peace and harmony kind of birth I had imagined. I will not go into gory details but many hours were spent praying for the life of child and mother. I especially remember this one moment when Lotte stopped screaming, rolled her eyes back into her head, gripped my hand harder and very quietly repeated my name over and over afgain: ‘Nanna, Nanna, Nanna, Nanna, Nanna……’

But at the end of the tunnel was light. Merle was born and the dimple in her cheek makes the horror of that night seem very far away.
Do-do-don’t stop the beat I ca-ca-ca-can’t control my feet…..Everybody move your feet…

Am way behind with everything. Have a videoconference in two hours that I have definitely not done my homework for - am supposed to turn in a test report – YESTERDAY… etc.

But hey – Jacob from the office just gave me access to his music and his got Junior-Senior – weheee… So now it’s party time at my desk…

Guess I’m sooo ready for my next vacation. My trip to Wales a couple of weeks back was epic. Mads and I flew in to Gatwik a late Friday night and headed towards Swansee – wrong side of the road and all that… Everything went perfect – except for the fact that none of us had the address of the place we were staying or a number where we could reach anyone of the guys who were already there. But at three o’clock in the morning, after driving for four hours Mads’ magic intuition still worked like a charm. We were driving down this narrow, pitch black country road barely avoiding the occasional sheep suddenly appearing right in front of us. Suddenly Mads says – ‘I think it’s the house we just passed’. We had seen obscure pictures downloaded from the net and I saw no resemblance what so ever’. But we were so tired of driving around the Welsh countryside looking for …something that I didn’t bother arguing. We parked the car and went to the door. There were no sounds coming out from the house and no light on anywhere so we just opened the door and went in. It was a huge country style mansion. In one of the rooms we found a couple of blankets and after stumbling around for a little while we ended up in this huge room with a pool and some couches. Being very tired we just went to sleep there. The next morning the smell of coffee and scrambled eggs woke us. As we were going towards the kitchen I was imagining trying to explain to a nice welsh family why we had been occupying their poolroom for the night but …tha-dah… In the kitchen we meet a bunch of Madses very nice friend - most of them completely unknown to me. During the next couple of hours more and more people appeared in the kitchen and a race to get a hot shower before the big wedding we had all come for began.

It was a beautiful wedding, and everything went perfect. We all got pissed drunk. We broke into our own car to get to our booze stash to drunk to bother looking for the key. A gay couple started a pool orgy when one of them in a rage of jealousy pushed the other one in. etc.

The rest of the week was pretty fucking nice as well. We hit the pub’s, went to funky little towns and had lunches in front of huge fire places – did the pool-party-Tequila-extravaganza-in-the-sauna-thing and all that…

So.,… life is good and - I wont stop – I wont stop the beat – and I can’t control my feet…
Jubiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!! My Janis is finally coming to see me. I can't wait.

I will try to get some tickets so that I can meet you in London. Will let you know the details when I have more info.

Right now I'm leaving to go to a wedding in Wales for a week and am absolutely behind with everything that has to be fixed at work befor I take off.

But I'm looking so much forward to seeing you - right now Copenhagen is pure summer delight - it's hot hot hot and hopefully it will be like that when you come. I've got a good feeling about this summer. Will let you know when I get back from England. Maby I can also fix a trip to beautiful Bornholm ( and we have to go to see your statues again.

Totally exited - Love you


-----Original Message-----
From: Janis Dublin
Sent: 6. juni 2002 18:45
To: Cotta-Schonberg, Nanna
Subject: Our Upcoming Trip!!!!!!!

Okay, Miss Nanna, we have our tickets booked, our passports ready and
here are the dates of our travel (OH MY GOSH - I'M REALLY,TRULY COMING
TO COPENHAGEN!!!!!!!! - oh, and Erin's coming too!)

We arrive in London on Sunday, July 14 at 8:15 a.m.
We'll stay in London Sunday and Monday and come to Copenhagen on
Tuesday (I don't have the exact time yet - my stepson is booking that as
I write this and I'll let you know)
We'll leave Copenhagen on Friday evening and leave London on Saturday.
So, since you want to come to London, do you want to meet us there when
we come in on Sunday???? Shaun (my stepson) has found some REALLY cheap
tickets round trip from London to Copenhagen (about 80 pounds) so maybe
you'll be able to find something that cheap also. Shaun is very happy to
put you up - we'll have a slumber party!
Give me some feedback - love you, can't wait to see you!
So reboot0.5 was fantastic – thank you Thomas . Also so happy that I was involved enough to get to see more of Maria, Louise and Mads.

Hanging out with the speakers - Howard Rheingolde and Cory Doctorow was great. Didn’t spend that much time with Howard but saw a lot of Cory who turned out to be a super intensive guy with a great attitude. Had to stay very focused all the time to understand what he was talking about.

OpenSpace was quite an experience – especially enjoyed Guan’s Wireless discussion - Love the co-op idea. But OpenSpace is also quite a demanding format – so I’m afraid that some participants didn’t like it?

But enough about the serious stuff – loved hanging out with Gert (my future husband???), Bastholm (my future husband???) and everyone else including Mads (my lovely current boyfriend). RBC was great – but I must admit that JuniorSenior was even better. They had a fantastic B52’ish scar-sound and great energy. Could'nt stand still while they played.

Am not sure when and how I got home but I guess that is the way it's supposed to be!!! Looking forward to 0.6

Can not believe this! Am going to something called Bishopstown in Wales in a week or so and am absolutely unable to find out anything interesting about it. Hope it doesn’t mean that all my cucumber sandwich – cream tea - lovely-pups - beautiful meadows etc. dreams are not coming true. I’m going there for one of Mads' friends wedding. Think it’s going to be so 4 weddings and a funeral’ish that I’ve even bought a big hat.

My lovely colleague Marcus just came home from vacation in Hong Kong a few days ago. Today he mailed me this Sony Experience slideshow about his trip. A>m pretty sure that Asia will be on my own vacation-list soon.

But first there is reboot. I'm entertaining the speakers once again. Sounds like a couple of really nice guys.
OK – guess I am the worst blogger ever. Yesterday I attended a meeting with my agency Tribal and they actually had ‘lacking update of nannamanna’ on the agenda! And the debrief I received from Inder this morning was also quite insulting. It started like this “Thank you for a pleasant meeting today. Because the meeting was so short there was still plenty of candy left. I want to thank you personally for that…” Can you believe the nerve of those guys? My boyfriend Mads has also been giving me a hard time because of my fondness of candy, chocolate, and pretty much everything edible. Guess part of new zen persona development should be focused on developing more ascetic eating habits – but unfortunately I think I will loose last bit of sanity if I don’t get red meat and lots of candy.

Might actually not have the strength to become zen without high level of sugar in blood. Might actually not have the strength to become zen no matter what I do. Joined Astanga yoga class with Mads a few weeks back. The teacher was my old friend Ann-Charlotte who just came back from another Ashram stay in India – do I need to say it? – more zen than ever. She was pure fitness perfection but as her soft soothing chanting filled the room I actually felt quite uneasy about the whole thing. I was sweating like a big red pig, drool was running down my chin and I was trying hard not to scream out loud because of the continuously returning cramp in my left big toe. In the meantime Mads was swooning over yoga goddess Ann-Charlotte - and I was getting un-zenly jealous. Will always love my wonderful old friend Ann-Charlotte to death but we didn’t go back to yoga class next week (even though Mads really wanted to). Felt pure wicked pleasure staying home with videos and a ton of chocolate instead.
What a week – have never felt this re-vitalized!

Went to a great party with Mette from work and Michael Sherain and some of his friends on Saturday. Met the legendary Lars Bastholm from Framfab. What an amazing guy! He’s one of the few people who are into the same books I am. Looking forward to a literary soiree with him.

Survived this week’s team building seminar with Sony’s Nordic marketing team. I’m now able to cross a stream by building a bridge with no rope. I also know the total bliss of eating a dirt covered bonfire-cooked partly raw fish with muddy hands. Loved the feeling of adrenaline and freedom – will have to spend more time with the wild-child nature woman hidden in me I guess.

But must admit that I almost started crying with relief when we reached a luxurious hotel one night and found out that we were actually going to have hot showers and sleep in soft beds that night. Got pissed-drunk with my teammates at dinner of course!

The next couple of days were not quite as exhilarating but very interesting though. We worked hard in little groups and I actually think that most of us learned some interesting things about our selves and how we connect as a group. Unfortunately it seems that the people who most need to take a good look at themselves are the ones most focused on the flaws of others.
Back on the blog! - Thank’s to Chief
and host-pimp-numero-uno.

Have been reading through earlier entries and wondering if I my life has changed at all – I guess not that much.

I’m still at Sony – still not to sure what’s up with my funky love life – still looking forward to next reboot and next vacation – still reading a lot of great books - still frustrated and exited about app. the same things.

Well there has been a few things going on this winter which might not have altered my persona totally but which has strengthened the impact of certain ideas and urges. Will not get in to detail about manic-depressive boyfriend and those sorts of things. It’s in the past now after all.

But I’m more intrigued than ever by developing a zen attitude and finding my inner un-shakeable core – when I’m in a bad mood or drunk I just wanna go totally Fifi LaRue though – HA!

Actually joined a yoga course a few months ago – it was sooooo great – unfortunately I got totally drunk the last night - so never got to finish it. Am contemplating more yoga classes though. Also overcame my old apprehension of the alternative and read some astrology and did I Ching – funny – seems that there is some magic to it. One of the main things I got out of that is that I should be more humble – guess that fits well enough with the whole zen thing – even if it is a bit boring.

But first I have to survive a three-day team-building course next week. Fear I have to eat worms with frustrated marketing people - think this group would bond much more effectively at a spa instead of a boot camp. Chianti and scampi and all that to make us like each other more – not much love lost as it is now.

Guess writing really does have a therapeutic effect – already in a better mood than before – it’s probably the thought of all the fucked up stories I’ll be able to tell after boot camping it with Sony.


Glider Rocker Replacement Cushions


Wrote this yesterday morning:

I’m at the Airport in Amsterdam now. And I’m so bloody tired. Got up at five this morning to go to a meeting but my flights fit terrible with the meeting schedule. I think I have about 5 hours waiting time in the airport today. Was feeling very sorry for myself until I read this piece by a guy named Jac. J. Goderie in one of those Airline magazines that they put in the pocket in front of you on the plane.

Not long ago, I had to fly for business to the other side of the world. Although it was one of those flights that seem to last a very long time, I can’t really complain. The truth is, flying is a perfect excuse to relax, stare into space, and put your brain on hold. You can enjoy the galley’s latest culinary offerings, finally finish the fourth Harry Potter, get the latest news, and most of all, enjoy time. No constant telephone, fax, WAP, or e-mail interruptions. Instead, long, quiet moments for reflection, for eternal questions like: “Why am I doing this? Who – or what – is it for?” Followed perhaps by a pause to enjoy the last dark-chocolate truffle and a joyful inner cry: “For me!”

I don’t know if I would ever describe airplane food as a culinary experience, but I actually finished the fourth Harry Potter not too long ago on a flight from Finland while munching chocolate truffle. And I guess that these moments of ‘putting my brain on hold’ are a luxury that I would miss terribly if I didn’t have them any more. So right on Mr. Goderie.

I had planned on checking my mail here at the airport this morning but my GSM connection keeps failing me. Instead I’ve been chatting with a tourist from Michigan – some young bloke of uncertain European origin. Drinking café latte in a café with Philip Stark chairs and having an altogether pretty neat and relaxing time.

The other day someone I like very much said to me that it is funny how two people can have the exact same experience but not feel the same way about it at all. He told me how his grandmother would cook meals for him and his sister when they were kids and shovel huge amounts of food onto their plates. They were not allowed to leave the table until they had eaten everything. His sister remembers this as something almost cruel while he thinks of it as an act of love.

I guess I’m gonna try to e to make a conscious effort to focus more on the lovely side of things.

I’m having a great time is this airport right now!
Oh my God - I love the entries in the competition at the Experience Site.

This is this weeks winner. Weheee - I also want a Surfmaran!!!

Actually made a slideshow myself today with some of the pictures from Heidi's bachelor-party last week. What a day that was!
Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I guess there is really no point in blogs that are not updated on a regular basis. The problem is that I have been very focused on work-related issues that are highly confidential and on private matters I really would not like to share with the world. (Also been partying quite a bit – probably better not to publish those crazy, happy drunken thoughts)

Anyway – was very fascinated by Hartvig’s blog
today. He wrote:

I'm getting more and more convinced that I want to study architecture. Not only has this been a rapid growing interest of mine the last couple of years, but I also really believe that i could use it a lot. But i wouldn't use it for building houses nor furniture - I would use the methods, ideas and inspiration on digital products. That said the european - and especially the scandinavian - schools of architecture has a bigger focus on the art than the more technically focused american architecture schools.

For me architecture is where art becomes functional. And that's exactly why i need it - because why is it, that digital products (defined as any software that run on a computer either client-, server- or both-side) always are so boring and unsexy. Have you ever chosen a digital product because you found it slick rather than because it was filled with a lot of fancy pancy functions? I guessed not.

Reminds me of when I read ‘A Requiem for Homo Sapiens’ by David Zindell.

What an amazing trilogy that is – I guess it’s my all time favourite. Made me see the true beauty of mathematics. It’s about this order of mathematician pilots who interface directly with the computers of their space ships. The most dangerous thing in outer space is getting caught in infinite decision-trees when dodging black holes etc. The computer provides the ability of doing extreme calculations but the unpredictable spark of the human mind is what pushes mathematics in new directions and thus new wondrous theorems are generated and the brave pilots concur the impossible.

These books are about the search for the meaning of life. What are we and why are we here? It mixes extreme thought about philosophy, religion, technology, science, genealogy and love.

The point of it is that unless you engage yourself totally in all ideas to a point where you can actually say yes to them you will never be able to discard any ideas and move to a new level of understanding.

The quote on the top of this page is from this book.

“Before you are wise. After you are wise. In between you are otherwise.” – Old Fravashi saying.

Haven't been posting much lately as this is a very busy and very confusing time. Have been working a lot but not quite as much as I usually do I guess - but have also spent a lot of time doing nice things.

Actually played golf today. Never ever thought I would be the type of person who would enjoy something like that - but seems my parents know me better than I do. Turned 28 on wednesday and to celebrate - today they got me a bunch og clubs and a membership in their golf club.

Turned out golf is great - loved it.
Got a mail from Daniel yesterday with some really good feedback on the Sony Experience site. Am still testing and hope to change more things. (Used Pictures from Lotte's birthday party testing today. What a super nice day that was.)

If any one have ideas as too what could be better at the Experience Site please mail me.
Yesterday was my best friends bithday. What a day. Sun, champagn and lovely people.

Lotte's birthday song! quicktime movie, 3.3 mb's
”Why do I - why does anybody - do this kind of thing? Why has there been such an explosion of personal weblogs, so much so that is
constantly in need of new servers to keep up with demand?” - asks Brian.

Love his answer.

Been looking through Dave’s list of Danish blogs tonight.

Actually found another woman on the list – Lisbeth Klastrup – a ph.d. scholar at the IT University of Copenhagen. Call's her blog Klastrups’s Cataclysms. Was struck by what she wrote on the 18th:

"My intention with this blogg has all the time been to keep a log of my professionel life - since this page is also part of my academic homepage at ITU. However, there are times in your life, when events in your private life cast so long shadows as to make every aspect of your life somewhat darker. This weekend, the man I have been living with for several months now, told me that he no longer sees me as the one he wants to share his life with. He will be leaving for his home country by the end of this week. So dear reader, he didn't marry me, and I'll need some time to cope with that..."

Would I ever poste something this personal?

Also found a link there to a pretty cool (danish) article about reboot written by a guy named Sune Børsen, who writes that he contrary to many journalists chose not to criticize the program or the speakers at reboot4.0 but to focus on what was actually said during the conference. Very Nice.
When I got the Sony gig – one of the things that scared me the most was the prospect of a bus-train-bus ride to far away Taastrup every day. But I actually Ikind of like the trip – especially in the morning.

I usually chat with Marcus the whole way and If I go by myself I get hot coffee and a magazine at the train station – get on the train, put on my headphones and relax. Mmmmm…. nice.

Got this months Wired yesterday and read the Andy Grove story.

”I was behind the market, then I was even with it, then I fell behind again in terms of my sense of the Internet’s potential. Now, I’m probably more optimistic than the market is.”

Even during the most extreme shake-out days Grove persistently claimed that that the Internet will change the world as much or more in the next five years as it has in the past five.

Someone else who believes that The revolution continues …eh Mygdal?

Also looked in on the guys at Littledevice yesterday. They do such nice things. Found out that Hartvig has some hardware problems. Happy that’s the reason is not running. Thought he got chicken.

Last night our SACD Dijgingo event at the State Museum of Art in Copenhagen and Modern Museum of Art in Stockholm won a Golden Lion in Cannes.

Congratulations to my favourite colleague Marcus who managed the project, OMD who came up with the idea and Agenda who produced it.

Marcus my dear - get ready to swallow – it’s champagne time!
Gadget-girl’s got a new toy

Ups – love my new movie making hobby but ran out of space on my hard disc yesterday. What is a girl to do? Went down to the cubicle of geek numero uno and worked on the dimples and lash-batting.

Geek-man as usual didn’t seem to respond. Instead he stormed of to the server room and started pulling boxes down from the shelves. Finally he seemed to find what he was looking for. From the bottom of a huge box he proudly produced the cutest little Pocket HD.


Geek-man seemed happy that someone finally wanted to play with his toy and I will definitely sponsor more web-servers for IT in the future.
For beer-drinking, Carlsberg-loving people:

This is from darling Mark.
Last week I was at a very fancy seminar arranged by a very fancy agency (probably shouldn’t mention any names). This very fancy account director asked me if I had seen an article of his in the Danish newspaper Børsen the same day. He hoped I wasn’t offended as it criticized reboot a bit as he put it.

As I hadn’t seen it and liked the idea of a fancy account director with an opinion (critical or not) I asked him to send it to me.

I received it this morning and my God – I was offended – it was the stupidest thing I ever read. I don’t mind people criticizing reboot. It’s gotten too big and important for people not to have strong opinions about it and I guess I’ve gotten used to the criticism as well. Besides from that – I’m not actually involved in any way anymore – I’m just a fan who gets to hang out with the interesting and always very nice speakers once a year.

But the stupidity of this guy offended me. He was critical about all the wrong things and actually horrified that the speakers at reboot urged the audience to start their own web-logs and tell their thoughts to the world.

”What about over-communication?” He wrote. Are we supposed to shout totally unimportant stuff at each other?

Who ever heard about over-communication? If someone actually want’s to listen it can’t be unimportant can it?

Not too long ago I insecurely tried to justify my own blogging and wrote that I mainly write for my own sake – for therapeutic reasons. I didn’t expect anybody to read and value it.

But this is so typically Danish. All the Danish web-logs that are popping up these days have pay-offs that all basically say’s: ”These are my unworthy opinions – I don’t want you to think that I think highly of myself and my opinions. You don’t have to read this!

That sucks. I find Dave’s, Peter’s and the rest of our foreign blogger friends sense of self-worth refreshing.

So I guess I don’t believe that it’s all about one-2-one sense making. The important thing is the constant discourse. The reality created when multiple voices mingle. Each voice pushes the boundaries of reality in a new direction. We don’t all have to be right – we don’t even have to talk about important things all the time. But by expressing our opinions we might participate in the shaping on new and wondrous ideas. A small unimportant statement might carry ripples that have greater impact out there in the maelstrom of sense making.

So if the writings of a fancy account director offends me I have to accept it and speak up so that I might push our common sense of reality in another direction.

This is also how I feel about Guan He has a right to express himself no matter what his opinions are. He has the right to flame Speednames, Mondosoft etc. But he shouldn’t underestimate the power of his own opinions. This is a strong media. His words have impact and he will force people to take a stand in the new discussions he brings to life.
Guan, Guan, Guan – gotta love that crazy prankster.

”On May 31 I started an ad campaign on Google. Anyone who searched for "arsdigita" would get a link to my Shaheen v. Greenspun page. Results: 1,274 impressions, 98 clicks, giving a clickthrough rate of 7.69%. Total cost: $19.11.

This campaign will go on until the total cost is $25.” - Guan

Yep – it’s there.

Also love the Microsoft free friday - All-Microsoft Monday thing.
"I have now inserted the meta-tag that disables Smart Tags on Unicast, except on Mondays. This is how I'll celebrate All-Microsoft Monday."

Ha ha ha....

And our foreign reboot-friends and mentors are having fun as well.

Peter Wrote:
The Winerization of Evan. Is it just me, or is Evan starting to read more and more like Dave? Is there a condition endemic to developing weblog maintenance software that leads to the quoting of people who agree with you, ending posts with a comment in italics, and prominently featuring song lyrics? I guess we'll really worry when Ev starts quoting the Dead instead of Byrne/Eno.

And Dave's merry reply:
Hey it would be great if Peterme would get a little Winerizing himself. (My kid brother's name is Peter, btw, I can't take people named Peter seriously. It's in my ROM.)


Evan didn't bother with a comment.

What a nice day. Done nothing much . Been chilling with Thomas all morning and just went for a walk and had coffee by the lake with my favourite colleague Marcus. Love sunny Sundays.

Also seems like Hartvig is having a good time. A la mother fucking dendro – eh?

And Guan, whom I chatted with at the reboot after-party on Friday, is as obnoxious as always. His crusade against Speednames has reached new highs.

"I have just sent this e-mail to Martin Roll, VP Global Marketing at Speednames. They address a number of issues that developers and end-users might raise about Digital Identity, Speednames' new product. I promise now that if Speednames addresses these questions to my satisfaction, Unicast will have a DI service at their launch, if the specifications are made available to me in advance." – Says Guan .

Tsk, tsk - bad, bad boy!

Wrote Dave about the party on Friday. But seems Guan beat me to it. Didn’t know those two are bonding. Guan must be right up Dave’s alley though. Microsoft free Friday and all.
"A bit of philosophy. What happens when someone dies. People are kind to memory of the person. What a waste. The person you're being kind to is dead. Be kind to people who are alive. Blow their minds. See what comes back.

As I've said, without many details, there's been a lot of death around lately. On the Web too. In a sense, everyone who participates in the Web as a writing medium (not just reading) is going through a grieving process now, whether we're aware of it or not. The Web as we knew it is gone. The thing we shared, the vision, the hope, it's hard to find in all the confusion. But at some point the grief stops being everything, and you go on and find what's new and alive. One thing's for sure, if you're reading this, you're alive. So let's have fun!" - Dave

Agree, agree!
Tonight is reboot-party time. Can’t wait.

Love my reboot-guys, and am so happy that Niels and Thomas finally got their web-logs up and running so that I’m always updated.

Keep posting from Majorca Niels!
I love Sony. Don't want to waste time on work now that I have my new DCR-PC5E. Should never have started this movie project - I'm hooked. Have to work out how to FTP everything here. Why write when I can make movies.

Oh! and by the way - mindfucking???? - Honey The only thing I want is to make movies and shop - It's as simple as that.

Had so much fun today. Heidi is getting married and Dorrit, Mille and are making the cutest little movie for her bachelorparty. Today we Interviewed her parents and her sister Karina here in my appartment and Dorrit brought her son Daniel. Lot's of laughs.

Daniel, Dorrit and Nanna
Baby - lets make it a brand new day!

"America is waiting for a message of some sort or another" - This statement hit me when I cheked out evhead a few moments ago and got me thinking about the whole web-log/blogger thing once again.

I've always been fascinated by the whole idea of storytelling - what it does to the listener and how the storyteller is also affected. I also guess that is what keeps me going with this blog. It's an experiment. I want to see how it affects me. I'm publishing my words and thereby exposing myself. There's probably nobodies watching but if anyone want to he or she can dig right in to my thoughts. So maybe I'm driven by a desire to be heard? - It's like I'm putting it all out there and maybe someday somewhere by chance someone will be affected by it. Like a message in a bottle.

But there is more to it than that. It's also a historic record of who and what I am. Something semi-durable. But why am I keeping this record. Is it for the benefit of someone I might meet in the future who I would like to share who I am with? Maybe - but maybe it's also to assure my self that I'm alive. It's right there in front of me - the life that I'm living - if I can write about it it's real. I add value and meaning to my memories and ideas by making them tangible with words - they won’t just dissolve and drift away.

So at least I'm affected by telling my story - I do have an audience - me.

Did I wander away from the thoughts that arose when I read the statement on Evans site? "America is waiting for a message of some sort or another". No I guess my point is that this statement indicates that people are waiting for someone else to tell them a story - someone to enlighten and bring meaning. But maybe the whole point of this blogger thing isn't that. Maybe the important thing is this: by writing your own story YOU carve out the message and thereby YOU shape the meaning that you need to go on.

It doesn't really matter if you don't have anything big and important to share with the whole world and your interpretation doesn’t have to be 'true' (whatever that is) as long as they make sense to you.

It's one-2-one sensemaking.

And hey - if someone stumbles upon these stories and is affected by them - that’s OK.
Wauw... this is amazing. Am testing out my GSM connection. It's beautiful. Just plugged in the cable and called up our network with my RSA secure id code, and I'm online. I'm sitting in the lobby of Hotel Northern Light in downtown Stockholm. Already checked out this morning so no nice hotel room to go to. Well It's OK. My meetings are over for today and in a little while I'll join the Nordic Sony coordinators in a nice cofee shop around the corner.

We've had some very interresting meetings the last two days. All of Sony's Nordic top management and marketing people met here to discuss issues corcerning new strategies and this summers marketing activities. It's always hard to implement huge shifts in strategy and the general ressession tendencies are hitting our market as well as the rest of the economy - but I guess Sony will manage quite all right.

I've been a bit vasted, but have had some time to think a lot of issues through. I guess the next couple of months will be just as demanding as the one's I've just gone through, but I'm getting used to it.

Looking forward to getting home tonight though. Tomorrow I'll try to focus on my totally overloaded mailbox. And then it's weekend and I'll try to relax and not do anything work related.

Weheee.... my own site - up and running with Blogger. This is funny! - Would never have done it if it wasn't for Mygdal and recent events – involving a bunch of Reboot speakers, a huge round pool, hash cookies at Christiania (unfortunately I didn’t have any - but oh boy - my companions sure did) and a famous author who thought I should go for it.

I guess this urge to express myself on line came about around Reboot-time last year. Mygdal – my former boss and current best friend – kept asking me why Ragegirl didn’t have her own site. (got the nickname Ragegirl after bonding with beautiful Christopher Locke aka Rageboy).

Well I guess I really wanted to do this – but wouldn’t it be rather self centred to have a site if I didn’t have anything big and important to share with the world? This thought kept me from doing my own site. But then a few weeks ago the whole round-pool-hash-cookie-thing began and despite of low self esteem about what I have to share, it changed my perspective.

Things started happening when I decided to join the fun helping out with reboot once again as speaker hostess.

Reboot – a big IT-conference if anyone doesn’t know - was on Wednesday the 23rd but the first speaker arrived on the Saturday before and the last left the following Saturday so it was a whole week of reboot hostessing. But what a week. The speakers this year were Mark Hurst, Evan Williams (and girlfriend Cammi), Dave Gray, Dave Winer, Douglas Ruskoff and notorious Justin Hall. They all turned out to be great people and everyone seemed to like each other very much so we had a fantastic time. As always reboot was a great experience for everyone. The topic was web-logs and as the day passed I got more and more excited about the whole idea. The following day most of us had a slight hangover (OK – I admit – all I wanted to do for the first few hours was hurl and sleep somewhere very, very cold) but we decided to make a whole day of it anyway.

We started with a chilly brunch on the lake and then we vent on a spa-adventure in DGI city. It’s funny how you forget your age and dignity when you jump into a pool with lots of floating toys. We fought and laughed and burned away all hangover residue.

While we were playing in the pool the sun came out so when we finally got tired of all the liquid fun we walked by the beautiful waterfront all the way to Christiania. The most daring among our little group ate a bunch of hash-cookies and we all quenched our thirst in cold beer and lots of water. When the cookies started kicking in we decided to walk around the surreal beautiful lake of Christiania. What a walk. The conversation was mind expanding, and very much evolved around the blogger/web-log concept. I don’t think the wonder cookies had so much to do with the extraordinarily interesting conversation. It seemed it was the common love for the work these people are doing, which ignited the wonderful mind-fucking on this memorable walk. A naked hippie looking angrily at us through a window when walked by his house and a little kid who jumped out on the road and splashed us with his water-pump-gun only added spice to the magical mood.


Glider Rocker Replacement Cushions



Some pictures from this memorable day.

We ended up at BaseCamp where we had dinner and from there everybody went tired back to the hotel. Some of these guys I’ll probably never see again – but I don’t think I’ll forget this day soon. Dave Wine said he'll be back soon though.

A couple of days later Mygdal, a couple of our friends, Douglas Ruskoff and I had dinner a Zeleste. Mygdal once again asked me when I would get my own web-log. I told him and Douglas about my concern that I wouldn’t have anything very important to write about. But Douglas urged me on. He told me that I should call my site NannaManna. My words would be like the biblical manna that falls from the sky to the hungry people. A few days later I got a mail from Mygdal. He told me he signed me up at Blogger and got me

So here I am. Writing my own blog. I’m not sure anyone will perceive my words as manna falling from the sky, but it’s a great experiment and I’m having fun.

Thank you Mygdal!

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