22.6.01 22:17

Been looking through Dave’s list of Danish blogs tonight.

Actually found another woman on the list – Lisbeth Klastrup – a ph.d. scholar at the IT University of Copenhagen. Call’s her blog Klastrups’s Cataclysms. Was struck by what she wrote on the 18th:

“My intention with this blogg has all the time been to keep a log of my professionel life – since this page is also part of my academic homepage at ITU. However, there are times in your life, when events in your private life cast so long shadows as to make every aspect of your life somewhat darker. This weekend, the man I have been living with for several months now, told me that he no longer sees me as the one he wants to share his life with. He will be leaving for his home country by the end of this week. So dear reader, he didn’t marry me, and I’ll need some time to cope with that…”

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1.7.01 18:34

Haven’t been posting much lately as this is a very busy and very confusing time. Have been working a lot but not quite as much as I usually do I guess – but have also spent a lot of time doing nice things.

Actually played golf today. Never ever thought I would be the type of person who would enjoy something like that – but seems my parents know me better than I do. Turned 28 on wednesday and to celebrate – today they got me a bunch og clubs and a membership in their golf club.

Turned out golf is great – loved it.

16.7.01 11:38

Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I guess there is really no point in blogs that are not updated on a regular basis. The problem is that I have been very focused on work-related issues that are highly confidential and on private matters I really would not like to share with the world. (Also been partying quite a bit – probably better not to publish those crazy, happy drunken thoughts)

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20.7.01 08:28

Wrote this yesterday morning:

I’m at the Airport in Amsterdam now. And I’m so bloody tired. Got up at five this morning to go to a meeting but my flights fit terrible with the meeting schedule. I think I have about 5 hours waiting time in the airport today. Was feeling very sorry for myself until I read this piece by a guy named Jac. J. Goderie in one of those Airline magazines that they put in the pocket in front of you on the plane.

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