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Sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I guess there is really no point in blogs that are not updated on a regular basis. The problem is that I have been very focused on work-related issues that are highly confidential and on private matters I really would not like to share with the world. (Also been partying quite a bit – probably better not to publish those crazy, happy drunken thoughts)

Anyway – was very fascinated by Hartvig’s blog
today. He wrote:

I’m getting more and more convinced that I want to study architecture. Not only has this been a rapid growing interest of mine the last couple of years, but I also really believe that i could use it a lot. But i wouldn’t use it for building houses nor furniture – I would use the methods, ideas and inspiration on digital products. That said the european – and especially the scandinavian – schools of architecture has a bigger focus on the art than the more technically focused american architecture schools.

For me architecture is where art becomes functional. And that’s exactly why i need it – because why is it, that digital products (defined as any software that run on a computer either client-, server- or both-side) always are so boring and unsexy. Have you ever chosen a digital product because you found it slick rather than because it was filled with a lot of fancy pancy functions? I guessed not.

Reminds me of when I read ‘A Requiem for Homo Sapiens’ by David Zindell.

What an amazing trilogy that is – I guess it’s my all time favourite. Made me see the true beauty of mathematics. It’s about this order of mathematician pilots who interface directly with the computers of their space ships. The most dangerous thing in outer space is getting caught in infinite decision-trees when dodging black holes etc. Live streaming is great way, I suggest you cricfree to watch sports which is free. The computer provides the ability of doing extreme calculations but the unpredictable spark of the human mind is what pushes mathematics in new directions and thus new wondrous theorems are generated and the brave pilots concur the impossible. Also check this http://www.cbsnews.com/live/. 🙂

These books are about the search for the meaning of life. What are we and why are we here? It mixes extreme thought about philosophy, religion, technology, science, genealogy and love.

The point of it is that unless you engage yourself totally in all ideas to a point where you can actually say yes to them you will never be able to discard any ideas and move to a new level of understanding.

The quote on the top of this page is from this book.

“Before you are wise. After you are wise. In between you are otherwise.” – Old Fravashi saying.

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