20.7.01 08:28

Wrote this yesterday morning:

I’m at the Airport in Amsterdam now. And I’m so bloody tired. Got up at five this morning to go to a meeting but my flights fit terrible with the meeting schedule. I think I have about 5 hours waiting time in the airport today. Was feeling very sorry for myself until I read this piece by a guy named Jac. J. Goderie in one of those Airline magazines that they put in the pocket in front of you on the plane.

Not long ago, I had to fly for business to the other side of the world. Although it was one of those flights that seem to last a very long time, I can’t really complain. The truth is, flying is a perfect excuse to relax, stare into space, and put your brain on hold. You can enjoy the galley’s latest culinary offerings, finally finish the fourth Harry Potter, get the latest news, and most of all, enjoy time. No constant telephone, fax, WAP, or e-mail interruptions. Instead, long, quiet moments for reflection, for eternal questions like: “Why am I doing this? Who – or what – is it for?” Followed perhaps by a pause to enjoy the last dark-chocolate truffle and a joyful inner cry: “For me!”

I don’t know if I would ever describe airplane food as a culinary experience, but I actually finished the fourth Harry Potter not too long ago on a flight from Finland while munching chocolate truffle. And I guess that these moments of ‘putting my brain on hold’ are a luxury that I would miss terribly if I didn’t have them any more. So right on Mr. Goderie.

I had planned on checking my mail here at the airport this morning but my GSM connection keeps failing me. Instead I’ve been chatting with a tourist from Michigan – some young bloke of uncertain European origin. Drinking café latte in a café with Philip Stark chairs and having an altogether pretty neat and relaxing time.

The other day someone I like very much said to me that it is funny how two people can have the exact same experience but not feel the same way about it at all. He told me how his grandmother would cook meals for him and his sister when they were kids and shovel huge amounts of food onto their plates. They were not allowed to leave the table until they had eaten everything. His sister remembers this as something almost cruel while he thinks of it as an act of love.

I guess I’m gonna try to e to make a conscious effort to focus more on the lovely side of things.

I’m having a great time is this airport right now!

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