22.6.01 22:17

Been looking through Dave’s list of Danish blogs tonight.

Actually found another woman on the list – Lisbeth Klastrup – a ph.d. scholar at the IT University of Copenhagen. Call’s her blog Klastrups’s Cataclysms. Was struck by what she wrote on the 18th:

“My intention with this blogg has all the time been to keep a log of my professionel life – since this page is also part of my academic homepage at ITU. However, there are times in your life, when events in your private life cast so long shadows as to make every aspect of your life somewhat darker. This weekend, the man I have been living with for several months now, told me that he no longer sees me as the one he wants to share his life with. He will be leaving for his home country by the end of this week. So dear reader, he didn’t marry me, and I’ll need some time to cope with that…”

Would I ever poste something this personal?

Also found a link there to a pretty cool (danish) article about reboot written by a guy named Sune Børsen, who writes that he contrary to many journalists chose not to criticize the program or the speakers at reboot4.0 but to focus on what was actually said during the conference. Very Nice.

When I got the Sony gig – one of the things that scared me the most was the prospect of a bus-train-bus ride to far away Taastrup every day. But I actually Ikind of like the trip – especially in the morning.

I usually chat with Marcus the whole way and If I go by myself I get hot coffee and a magazine at the train station – get on the train, put on my headphones and relax. Mmmmm…. nice.

Got this months Wired yesterday and read the Andy Grove story.

”I was behind the market, then I was even with it, then I fell behind again in terms of my sense of the Internet’s potential. Now, I’m probably more optimistic than the market is.”

Even during the most extreme shake-out days Grove persistently claimed that that the Internet will change the world as much or more in the next five years as it has in the past five.

Someone else who believes that The revolution continues …eh Mygdal?

Also looked in on the guys at Littledevice yesterday. They do such nice things. Found out that Hartvig has some hardware problems. Happy that’s the reason bagstiv.dk is not running. Thought he got chicken.

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